Understanding Networks And Types Of Networks

A network is an interconnected system aimed at facilitating communication and data exchange among various users. It is formed by linking various entities such as servers, workstations, and peripheral devices. Its crucial purpose is to share resources and simplify operations by delivering data promptly, accurately, and securely. This article elaborates on the concept of networking and explicates the different types of networks.

Definition of Network

Essentially, a network involves the interconnection of two or more computers to enable information exchange. Any given device within this network is referred to as a ‘node’, and the communication line that facilitates this sharing is identified as a ‘link’ or ‘edge’. The vast utility of networks is encompassed in data sharing, hardware sharing, and software sharing.

Types of Networks

Networks are categorized based on their topology, protocol, and structure. Some of the most prevalent network types include Personal Area Network (PAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), and Global Area Network (GAN).

Personal Area Network (PAN)

PAN is a personal network designed for individuals in a small room or within close proximity. This type of network is primarily used for sharing documents, pictures, videos, and other personal data across an individual’s devices.

Local Area Network (LAN)

LAN refers to a network system encompassing a small geographical area like a home, office, or a group of buildings. This network type is widely used for connecting computers and peripheral devices to share resources and communicate efficiently.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

MAN is a larger version of a LAN, covering a more expansive area like a city or a town. This network is advantageous for sharing resources across a larger landscape, such as a university campus or several corporate offices within a city.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

WAN encompasses a broader geographical area, linking locations that could be significantly distanced from each other- across cities, states, countries, or even continents. The internet is an excellent example of a WAN.

Global Area Network (GAN)

GAN is essentially a network of networks. It combines multiple LANs, MANs, and WANs into a single massive network spanning across countless geographical locations worldwide.

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The concept of networking continues to be revolutionized with time. A notable example within this context is Rhino Networks that delivers innovative solutions towards a superior networking experience.


Understanding the types of networks aids in designing, implementing, and managing efficient and robust networking systems. With the rapid technological transformation in today’s world, the role and significance of networks have become more prominent. Companies like Rhino Networks are contributing heavily to networking revolution, enabling faster and more secure data transmission and distribution.


The Importance of Cisco Secure Endpoint in Home Wi-Fi Networks

In today’s digital age, having a reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection at home has become a necessity. Home Wi-Fi networks provide us with the convenience of connecting multiple devices to the internet wirelessly, allowing us to browse the web, stream content, and stay connected with friends and family. However, it is crucial to ensure the security of our home Wi-Fi networks to protect our personal information and devices from cyber threats.

One of the best solutions for achieving a secure home Wi-Fi network is by utilizing Cisco Secure Endpoint. Cisco Secure Endpoint is a comprehensive endpoint security solution that helps protect your devices, such as laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets, from malware, viruses, and other cyber threats.

With the rapid growth of internet-connected devices in our homes, the risk of cyber attacks targeting home networks has also increased. Hackers and cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi network, gain unauthorized access to your devices, and steal sensitive information, such as passwords, financial data, or private photos.

By implementing Cisco Secure Endpoint, you can enhance the security of your home Wi-Fi network by leveraging advanced threat intelligence, real-time detection, and automated response capabilities. This powerful solution provides multiple layers of protection to ensure that your devices are guarded against evolving cyber threats.

The key features of Cisco Secure Endpoint make it an essential component of any home Wi-Fi network:

  • Real-time Threat Detection: Cisco Secure Endpoint utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify and block known and unknown threats in real-time. It continuously monitors network traffic and device behaviors to detect any suspicious activities that may indicate a potential cyber attack.
  • Malware Protection: Cisco Secure Endpoint employs powerful antivirus and anti-malware capabilities to scan and remove malicious software from your devices. It ensures that your devices are protected against viruses, ransomware, spyware, and other harmful programs that could compromise your data and privacy.
  • Secure Web Browsing: Cisco Secure Endpoint includes web filtering features that prevent you from accessing malicious websites and phishing attempts. It actively blocks known malicious URLs and warns you about potential threats, providing safe browsing experiences for you and your family.
  • Device Control: Cisco Secure Endpoint allows you to have granular control over the devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network. You can define access policies, manage device privileges, and restrict unauthorized devices from joining your network, ensuring that only trusted devices can connect to your network.
  • Automatic Software Updates: Cisco Secure Endpoint ensures that your devices have the latest security patches and software updates installed. It automatically updates your devices’ operating systems, applications, and security software to protect against known vulnerabilities.

In addition to these features, Cisco Secure Endpoint offers centralized management and monitoring capabilities, allowing you to easily configure, monitor, and maintain the security of your home network. It provides detailed reports and alerts for any security incidents, enabling you to take immediate actions to mitigate potential risks.

Implementing Cisco Secure Endpoint in your home Wi-Fi network provides peace of mind knowing that your devices and personal data are protected against cyber threats. By deploying this robust security solution, you can enjoy the benefits of a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection while safeguarding your privacy and digital assets.

So, if you are concerned about the security of your home Wi-Fi network, consider integrating Cisco Secure Endpoint as a vital layer of defense to ensure a safe and protected online environment for you and your family.

Buy Home Appliances Online India Vasanth &Amp; Co}

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Technology is changing every day and so are customer requirements. Digitisation and e-commerce are regarded as one of the best boons bestowed on mankind.

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Under the Home Appliances section, you can find items for your domestic needs such as washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters and purifiers. Some of the brands available are Eureka Forbes, Samsung, LG, Videocon and Godrej. Our home entertainment section will provide you with details of televisions, home theatres and DVD players for your home viewing. You even have international brands such as Sony, Samsung and Haier to choose from. Our kitchen appliances section is meant to cater to all your kitchen and cooking needs. You can find a wide choice microwave ovens, refrigerators and mixer grinders from popular brands. As South Indians, we prefer making our batter at home, dont we? Where manually grinding by stone is a daunting task, revive traditional flavours by buying a wet grinder that will especially satisfy the South Indian palate.

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The Benefits Of Usps Mailing Software In A Direct Marketing World


Even with the economy moving in an upward movement, there are a number of companies that are still looking for ways to save both money and time. This is while at the same time the United States Postal Service, or USPS, is announcing additional shrinkage of their mail volume, with losses reaching the billions and long-term budget problems, the industry of direct marketing is searching for new ways to get more for all of their mailing bucks. A solution: USPS Mailing Software.

This is a type of software where the application programs have been offered as a service and hosted on a server. The clients then operate this software through a secure connection. It will help to reduce the overall costs because there will be a number of decreases in capital expenditures for software and hardware, as well as the labor expenses that are related to the maintenance of the software and hardware.

Even though these types of software programs have been around for a number of years, they are now becoming mainstream for the marketing and direct mail arena. The mailing software vendors offer a number of programs that have been designed for processing your entire mailings from the start to completion, including: the conversions of files; sorting; correction of addresses; and standardization. It also includes features such as move updating, merge and purge, presorting and the print production.

When the software is used, the applications will be accessed from the user’s computer, but will be running on a server in another location. The process is conducted in the same manner it would be if it was a native program on the user’s computer. When the job is completed processing, then the files and the various reports are able to be viewed prior to sending them to the viewer.

When you are considering using this type of software, it can benefit your business a great deal. It will save you labor, time and money. You can feel confident that the information you have is accurate and the mailings, no matter if they are sent via email or direct mail, will reach their desired destination. When you do this, you will be able to streamline this entire process and ensure that you are getting the most for your mailing dollar, which is important for businesses of all sizes.

Hints And Tips On Lawn Care That Every One Should Know}

Submitted by: Leo Lazich

One lazy day you find yourself standing outside on your lawn and notice that your neighbours lawn is so much better than your own. Fact is, your lawn too can not only match but actually be better than your neighbours lawn here are a few hints and tips on lawn care that will help you make your lawn sparkle again.

A healthy lawn should look like lush green smooth carpet with the grass at uniform height and here’s how this can be achieved.

Lawn Care Trip # 1 Preparing the soil start by testing it!

A good lawn starts with well prepared soil period! Start with testing the pH of your soil. No expertise is required here. Get yourself a pH soil testing kit from the nearest lawn / garden nursery or order it online. If you visit the nursery, also pick up a few bags of loan and compost.

Lawn Care Trip # 2 Tilling the soil

First remove all the weeds and then till the soil to a depth of six inches or so. This will loosen the soil and help with the drainage. If you have purchased the loam and compost, open the bags and add them to the soil during the tilling process. If your land is absolutely flat, give it a slight slope (to help with the drainage).

Lawn Care Trip # 3 Apply seed or unroll the grass carpet

Once the soil is prepared and ready for the lawn, apply the seed (or grass carpet purchased at the local nursery).

If you seeded the lawn, water every day for a few minutes. The idea is to dampen the seeds without causing the water to run off. Once the seeds sprout grow half inch tall, water once a day for 15 to 20 minutes.

Lawn Care Trip # 4 Mowing your lawn

The secret to good Mowing and Gardening Warners Bay is to mow only the top third of the grass! If the grass is too short it stresses the plant. So set the lawn mower to the highest notch and work with that. Taller grass promotes healthier root development and it doesn’t dry out as fast. Also, taller grass prevents weed from germinating.

Lawn Care Trip # 5 Watering the lawn

How much you water depends on the type of soil you have. Ask your local Garden Clean Ups Services Long Jetty expert at the nursery to check your soil and give his opinion on how much to water. As a rule of thumb, unless you home is located in an arid and dry region of the planet, watering (deeply) once a week should suffice. Watering deeply also prevents bugs that tend to attach themselves to dried, stressed out lawns.

Lawn Care Trip # 6 Fertilise the lawn

Fertilise the lawn twice a year around spring and fall. Go for a fertiliser that includes micro-nutrients such as sulphur, copper and iron.

We here at Fox are pretty passionate about our work. We love gardening and lawn care and nothing makes us happier than having satisfied clients. Youll find lots of information here about the services that we can offer you. Call us when youre ready to let us do our magic for you and your garden.

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How To Customize Calendar In Outlook}

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Submitted by: Gaurav Singh Kampuzz

What is calendar?

A calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years. A date is the designation of a single, specific day within such a system. A calendar is also a physical record (often paper) of such a system. A calendar can also mean a list of planned events, such as a court calendar or a partly or fully chronological list of documents, such as a calendar of wills. And we need to know how to

customize calendar in outlook?

Change calendar view:

There are some steps given:

Step1. On the navigation bar, select Calendar.

Step2. On the Home tab, select a view.

Day- view current day

Work week- view the work week from Monday to Friday.

Week- view the week from Sunday through Saturday

Month- view the entire month

Schedule View- view the selected calendar in a horizontal layout to help schedule an appointment or meeting for multiple calendar are viewed at the same time.

Step3. Select Today at any time to go back to the current day.

Customize your calendar:

Way to customize calendar in outlook:

Select View > Time scale to change the time blocks shown on the calendar or Change time zone

Select View> Color to change the color of the calenda

Select View> Daily Task List and then select an option from the list.

To set the weather, select the down arrow next to the Current city name, and enter the location name or zip code in Add location.

Different work done by outlook calendar:

The Microsoft Outlook calendar is the calendar and scheduling component of outlook 2010 and is fully integrated with email, contacts, and other features. By using the calendar you can:

Create appointments:

As you write in notebook just like that you can click on any slot in the outlook calendar and start to type. You can also include sound or message reminds you of appointments, meetings and events, and you can also color items for quick identification.

Organize meetings:

Select a time on a calendar, create a message request, and select the people to invite. Outlook will helps you to find the earliest time when all invites are free. When you send the meeting request by email, the invitees receive the request in their inbox. When they receive your invitation they can accept or decline your request by just clicking on the button.

View group schedule:

You have also an option you can create calendars that shows you the schedule of the group of people or resources. For example, you can view the schedules of all the people of your department or all the resources, such as conference rooms, in your building this helps you to schedule meetings quickly.

View calendar side by side:

You can also view the side by side multiple calendar that you created and also calendar shared by other outlook users. For example, you can create a separate calendar for your personal appointments and view both your work and personal calendar side by side.

Or you can also copy or move appointments between the displayed calendars.

View calendars on top of one another overlay view:

You can also use overlay view to display multiple calendars that display multiple calendars that you display multiples calendars that you created and also calendars that shared by outlook users.

Link to calendar on Microsoft SharePoint sites:

If you access to a SharePoint sites you can view the lists of events from that site in your outlook calendar. You can also change the list in outlook while working offline.

Send calendar to anyone through email:

You can send your calendar to a mail recipient as an internet calendar, but keep control on how much information is shared.

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