Global Marketing The Importance Of An International Branding Strategy Online

By Joseph Giovinco

In today’s day of instant information reaching all corners of the world, Global Marketing has become more about developing a cohesive strategy which succeeds in adding value to a company by accomplishing the marketing goals on an international scale.

So, ask your self “will a global marketing strategy work?” This depends on the ability to expose your brand to the correct market niche as cheap and fast as possible.

Is that it? Build a website, get ranked in google and find more customers right? OK, sounds easy enough. . . So, what is the catch? Well, the importance of Global Marketing relies heavily on having the ability to get it done correctly, and within the limitations of one’s time, resources, or budget.

Today, companies around the world struggling to keep up with the one thing which binds us all together… the world wide web. Achieving a global presence online is crucial to both small and large businesses around the world!

By the later part of the 1990’s, the Internet completely changed the way people do business domestically in the United States. As we approached the second decade of this millennium, the web is now evolving into a world-wide marketplace, where anyone (in almost any country) can tap into billions of dollars worth of products, services and information.


Will A Global Marketing Strategy Work?

Finding professional global marketing consultants who stay at the forefront of this evolution is vital. A proven and successful strategy requires a multi-pronged approach through a variety of international search engines, social media groups, news agencies and more. An advertiser should benefit from their efforts exponentially by adopting a complete package of marketing programs aimed at gaining exposure.

So, your international marketing strategy will be most effective by expertly tailoring campaigns to meet your specific needs without exceeding the budget. In order to show consistent growth, it’s best to have a firm understanding on public relations, creative communications, and new technologies to deliver the desired results.

Why Is Global Marketing So Important?

Developing a brand requires putting yourself in front of the people who are willing to give you money for what you offer. What better way to do so than the web? Through these proven techniques, targeted market exposure is best achieved.

Search Engine Optimization – You may have thousands of competitors in your industry, but only the top 10 matter. Make sure your business has a viable presence in all major search engines. Rely only on certified search engine optimization professionals to help you maximize your ranking and start getting (and keeping) visitors to your site.

Global Brand Marketing – More than just logo design; a brand encompasses the customer’s perception and awareness of your company. Be sure to take time to really think your brand through and through. Then, let the professionals put your ideas into a plan of action. This helps develop strategies for branding programs which help build up an introduction to your company, and then carry on to create a greater reach across multiple advertising venues including web, print, screen and more.

Pay-Per-Click Management – In 2003, Google Adwords took the search advertising market by storm by starting its pay-per-click program. The promise is that anyone can play on a “level playing field” – you bid and pay what the big boys are paying for advertising. However, that isn’t necessarily true. The big guys have bottomless pockets and an unlimited advertising budget, which is why it’s crucial that you make every cent count when you start advertising through Adwords and related programs. By working with a credible web marketing agency, you could indeed accomplish better results than larger competitors with bigger budgets.

Social Media – New methods of spreading the word are now available to a global audience. If you aren’t taking advantage of micro-blogging services like Twitter, social networking spaces like FaceBook, or video networks such as YouTube, then you’re missing out on reaching thousands of active potential customers at the click of a button. Learn how to target these ready buyers through superb social media marketing.

Creative Design – A website is your first chance to make a great first impression on your customer. It’s well known that a poorly designed site reflects poorly on the company, regardless of how great your service or products are. Countless “do-it-yourself” web design programs have sprung up in recent years, designed to help you create a site as quickly as possible – but what if your competitors are using the same old “cookie cutter” template? The bottom line is this – customers want a site that loads quickly, is easy to navigate and processes orders securely and without a lot of hassle. If your site’s first impression isn’t leaving them with that kind of attitude – then speak with your Global Marketing Consultants about some tips to make your site perform better.

Public Relations – Have you ever felt lost among a sea of voices when it comes to website promotion? Unfortunately, some public relations specialists feel that the louder they yell, the more attention they’ll get. With the right avenues, you can count on a good global marketing network to deliver the kind of reach that only an experienced firm can provide. So get your company in the news, and start making valuable contacts in the media who sincerely want to hear from you and learn about your company

Global Marketing Consulting – The goal is to find global marketing solutions which deliver a much wider and varied audience than traditional promotional venues can provide. Seek one-on-one consulting to help expand your reach across multiple brand channels to deliver your message right to your target audience – whoever and wherever they might be.

About the Author: It’s important to find the right Global Marketing company to produce the types of results. Joe Giovinco and his team at Geo Trade Global Marketing work hard to study this subject everyday. They strive to share free information within the online advertising community. To learn more about their project, please visit the industry-leading authority


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Guaranteed Military Auto Loan Car Loans For Military Personnel

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By John B Mayall

There are many people in the military that do not know many of the special offers that are specially been designated for the utilization of military servicemen and women. One such offer is a military car sales loan that can be taken up by a military person for the purpose of buying a car. This loan has a very low rate of interest in comparison to many other car loans. Being unaware, many military personnel do not utilize this advantage of taking up a military car sales loan.

Let us now get a more detailed insight into what are the advantages of taking up a military car sales loan and who are eligible to go in for such a loan and the process to obtain it.

The Benefits of a Military Auto Loan

Any armed force personnel is eligible to obtain this loan to purchase a car, either used or new. Another option under this scheme is it can be used to refinance an already existing car loan. The advantage as was mentioned earlier is the lower rate of interest than other conventional car loans making it cheaper. Also, the monthly payments can be further reduced because the loan can be opted for a longer tenure than other loans.


The military car loans are provided to these military personnel at lesser rates of interest by the lenders who try to promote these loans. They look at the earnings of the military personnel as a steady income that makes them eligible to be provided such loans. They feel that the risk taken up by the lender is quite low that enables them to provide the loan at a much lower rate of interest than conventional loans but will still end up with a profit for them.

Among other advantages offered by military car sales loan is the flexibility of repayment. The borrower is given the option of paying low monthly installments for a longer duration or can take up the option of paying higher than stipulated to finish off the loan much faster thereby saving more by avoiding paying the interest. Even the amount offered as loan is significantly higher than what is provided for a conventional auto loan.

Eligibility Norms

In order to be eligible for a military car loan, the borrower should be actively serving in the armed forces. This loan is even provided to many of them with bad credit ratings as well as to personnel that have recently entered the armed forces too. But, the tenure of service does play a role in getting an approval for military auto loan.

The process of application is quite simple and can be done online over the internet too. The documentation that is necessary for approval is the proof of being in the armed forces. Other requirements is details such as address of residence, base where the person is located, telephone number, email details, contact person whom the lender can reach when the borrowing military person is posted abroad. The contact person should be someone who can communicate to the borrower any information that is given by the lender.

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Moving Company Ratings Why You Shouldn’t Trust Everything You See On The Internet

Moving Company Ratings – Why you Shouldn’t Trust Everything You See on the Internet


Joel Nugent

Online ratings are available for everything today, from a restaurant review to moving company ratings, so it is important to understand during a decision process such as moving, that you take each online review or rating with a grain of salt, and actually research where the information is coming from. The following few examples will help you to filter out which reviews are usually good and which are usually just posted by the moving company itself in efforts to gain new customers.

Online Reputation Isn’t Everything


Moving company ratings and reviews can be written by everyone, from a trusted friend or family member to a public relations person hired by the company to create positive reviews on various websites in hopes of creating more business. It is important for you, the potential client, to scan through these reviews and determine which ones are valuable for you. One simple way is to look at a reviewers profile and see what else they have rated and reviewed. If they only reviewed that business and it is unusually positive, you can typically throw that review away. If the person has written multiple reviews for various businesses, you can usually consider their review as a good, honest review.

Lying Online is Often Misconstrued as Personal Opinion

If you have ever looked at a review site such as you have seen it before, a recent visitor to a restaurant you are thinking about checking out has written a review about “the worst service and food he/she has ever encountered”, when in fact the person was very rude to service staff on a very busy weeknight, but you don t know this. Now this may not affect your decision to go to the restaurant because they have many other reviews that are positive and speak highly of the service and food from the restaurant, but think about it in terms of moving company ratings. When looking at reviews for several moving companies that you are considering using you see a similar review where the person describes horrible service and that they damaged the person s belongings. While in some cases this could happen to a person with a moving company, it is important to look at both sides of the story before coming to your own conclusion. Lying online about something is way easier than a person accepting the fact that they may be in the wrong.

Only a Tiny Amount of Reviews Are Online

When in the early stages of considering a moving company or looking at the moving company ratings for several of their competitors, it is important to remember that although the online reviews for a moving company are easily accessible, you still will not get the full story until you have spoken with the moving company itself and their past clients. IF you have narrowed down your list to only a few companies, then by all means contact them and ask if you can have the number of previous customers so that you can ask them how they thought the moving companies service was. If the moving company refuses to give you any numbers, then this should throw up a red flag immediately and you should dive into finding out why they won’t allow you to speak with their past customers or move onto another choice.

Moving company ratings and reviews online in general can be a very tricky thing to decipher when trying to choose which good sources of information are and which is spam or reviews from vengeful people looking to get back at a company. It is important to realize that while everything can be found online with just a click that you also have the ability to speak with former customers with a simple phone call as well, often times this can be a much more reliable source of judgment than an anonymous reviewer.

About Changing Places Moving

Changing Places Moving specializes as a residential moving company and as a commercial mover. Our 15,600 s/ft. climate controlled moving and storage facility is fully equipped for your temporary or long-term storage needs. We proudly have been voted as one of the best movers in Michigan- give us a call and you quickly will see why, or visit our website at

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Moving Company Ratings – Why you Shouldn’t Trust Everything You See on the Internet

Create An Rss Feed For Your Website Step By Step

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By Michael Fleischner

Syndicating your own website content is a great way to provide information to your readers with little or no effort. Using RSS, your updated content is delivered to individuals who have subscribed to your feed automatically. In this article, I’ll briefly explain RSS and show you how to syndicate your own website content – even if you know very little about RSS feeds.

RSS Defined

According to Wikipedia, RSS is a simple XML-based system that allows users to subscribe to their favorite websites. Using RSS, webmasters can put their content into a standardized format, which can be viewed and organized through RSS-aware software or automatically conveyed as new content on another website.

A program known as a feed reader or aggregator can check a list of feeds on behalf of a user and display any updated articles that it finds. It is common to find web feeds on major websites and many smaller ones. Some websites let people choose between RSS or Atom formatted web feeds.

Feeds are typically linked with the word “Subscribe”, an orange rectangle, or with the letters RSS. Many news aggregators publish subscription buttons for use on Web pages to simplify the process of adding news feeds.

Choosing the Content you want to Syndicate

Okay, so you’re interested in syndication but aren’t exactly sure what you should be syndicating. There’s really no hard and fast rule here. Howerver, keep in mind that anything you plan to syndicate via RSS should be unique, of value to a given audience, and something that gets updated on a regular basis.

Some individuals syndicate their content by placing an RSS feed on their home page. As the website is updated, and a new feed is produced, content is sent directly to subscribers. Others choose to provide a feed of specific content pages on their site. The choice is yours.

So How do you Create an RSS Feed?

All RSS feeds are written using a code type called XML. If you’re not familiar with XML, don’t let that scare you off. I’ll provide the specific code you need and instructions on what to do with it.

To begin, you’ll need to create an RSS file that contains a Title, Description, and Link URL. This information will be used by the RSS reader when individuals subscribe to your RSS feed. Follow these simple steps.

1. Go to your “Start Menu” in the lower left-hand corner or your computer screen. Click on “All Programs” and navigate to Accessories. There you’ll find an option called “Notepad”. Notepad is a simple text editor that you will use to develop your RSS script.


2. Write the RSS script which contains information about your website or content page and information about the content you’ll be syndicating. To do so, copy the following into Notepad. Replace the bold content with your own site’s information.

NOTE: Be sure to replace “[” and “]” with “”. The brackets were used to ensure proper display in this article only.

[?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”ISO-8859-1″ ?]

[rss version=”0.91″]

This RSS feed should be viewed using an RSS Reader or RSS Aggregator. Firefox users click the Subscribe to feed icon.

Feed URL:


[title]Marketing Articles[/title]


[description]Marketing articles covering a variety of marketing topics[/description]




[title]How to market your small business[/title]


[description]If you own a small business, you probably don’t have a lot to spend on marketing. These simple techniques will help you generate more referrals than you can handle. [/description]




That’s it. As noted above, be sure to replace the Title of your website and article, links, and descriptions. When your done, save your file by selecting File, Save as, from the top bar in the Notepad window. Warning: name your file with a .xml extension but save as text. (example:

Be sure not to use any ampersands or quotes in your code as this may cause an error. XML requires ampersands to be replaced in the code with “&” and quotes with “” whatever is included in your quotes” The best advice I can give is just don’t include quotes or ampersands and you won’t have any coding issues.

3. Save, Upload, and Validate your .xml code. After saving your RSS file via notepad, the next step is to upload your .xml file to your web server. This file should be placed on the same directory as your homepage or the directory of the page you’ve selected to syndicate.

Now that we’ve created and uploaded your RSS feed, we must validate it. By doing so, we know that the feed is active and will work when individuals subscribe. To validate your feed, visit and enter your feed URL. The URL of your feed is simply the URL of the .xml file you just uploaded to your server. So, if your fille was saved to your website’s main directory and was called “rssfeed”, then simply enter your website’s URL, followed by /rssfeeds.xml. Once validated, your RSS feed is ready to be syndicated.

4. Place your RSS code on your website. The best way to do this is to copy the RSS button and include a link to the RSS feed you just created. You can grab the RSS or XML image by simply visiting a website like and right mouse clicking the image. Save the image (give it a name like RSS.gif) and copy it onto your server. The code should look like this:

[a href=””] [img border=”0″ src=”images/rss.gif” alt=”rss feed for my website” width=”36″ height=”14″][/a]

Be sure to replace the information above with your own feed link and image link.

5. Subscribe to your own feed. After you’ve uploaded all of your pages to your live site or testing server, open Internet Explorer and click on your own RSS button. You should be taken to a dialogue box that asks if you’d like to subscribe to your feed. Subscribe and confirm that the feed has been added to your list of RSS feeds (it should appear in a dialogue box on the left hand side of the page).

Note: If you’re using Firefox, you will only receive a text page when clicking on your RSS button. Those using the firefox browsers can click on a small icon that resides on their browser nav bar to add your feed. Additionally the text file contains your feed URL which can also be used.

6. Ping aggregators to let them know that you’ve created an RSS feed. In order to let the world wide web know that your feed is up and running, you must give them a Ping. This is very easy to do – just go to and choose the appropriate sites to inform. Select blog related sites if you’re a blog and non-blog related sites for other content. Complete the information and Ping.

Another site you should Ping is Yahoo! Simply visit the Yahoo! RSS submit page at and add your feed URL. This will let the big boys know that your syndicating.

A final note. Whenever you want to syndicate new content, you will need to update your .xml file with a link to the content and a revised description. Once you’ve done so, upload to the file to your server, replacing the existing .xml file and the code will do the rest.

If you liked this article, please visit the Free Marketing Articles page at

About the Author: Michael Fleischner is a marketing expert with more than 12 years marketing experience. He has appeared on The TODAY Show, Bloomberg Radio, and other major media. For more free marketing articles like this one, visit



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