How To Find A Safe Online Casino Site

Online casino safety standards and standardsPlayers often ask, “What makes up the best online casinos” and “How is it different from all other casinos?” To find an online casino that is legal for players, you need to review your license. It then checks for fair games and payouts that have been independently verified. It also includes technical security, secure payment options and reputation. Casino players visit and sign up for online casino gambling sites for one reason. This means that if the casino does not have a significant number of games in its lockers to play casino games, there is a risk of losing players to competitors. The choice of games is one of the pillars of the success of any online casino, and the best online casino sites tend to have a full portfolio of casino games available to players. Online slots are a big part of the casino culture, but spinning the reels isn’t for everyone and you have to be in the gaming lobby to be considered one of the best casinos, table games and live casinos with live dealers.

  • Multiple currencies and languages:The reliability of the customer support department is a fundamental factor that separates great online casinos from regular casinos. Best Casino
  • Casino sites that offer fast payouts: Payment processing is the most vulnerable time for both players and real money casino operators, and the importance of smooth transactions takes precedence over anything else. This is why the best casinos only work with the most reputable payment providers to ensure that players don’t experience friction while processing payments at lightning speed.
  • Ground-based casino experience at home: One of the main perks of playing at an online casino is that you don’t have to travel to get to the real casino location. This is more convenient as a player because you can play from multiple places. With the increase in live dealer games where players can interact with dealers without hassle, you can get a lot more experience than going to a ground casino.
  • Customer Care: Customer support is a very important factor and most casinos have a 24/7 support team. A common way to contact support is through live chat, contact form, email address and phone number.

Best Online Casinos in KoreaIn order for an online casino to operate legally, it must be regulated by regulatory agencies to ensure it is operating within the limits of the law, and above all, protect its players from fraudulent activity. The two strongest and most respected institutions in the gaming industry are the British Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. At the bottom of all online casino sites, you should clearly state which regulators are overlooking online casinos, and the best casinos are regulated in either or both depending on the market in which they serve. Korea’s leadingcasino site JINBBEYoffers a wide range of games to players around the world, and live casino dealers are always on standby, allowing you to choose and play your favorite games.

Chinese government approved Nanjing purchase of MG Rover

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Chinese National Development and Reform Commission approved today the plans by Nanjing Automobile Group to revive the MG Rover brand.

Nanjing Automobile are planning to annually produce 200,000 cars, 250,000 engines and 100,000 gearboxes on the assembly lines purchased from MG Rover.

The first MG produced in Pukou in Nanjing in the east of China will be the sedan version of MG-75, in the first half of 2007.

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Major ‘Spiritual Life of College Students’ study released by UCLA

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Results of the second phase in an ongoing major study of the spiritual lives of college students was released Wednesday, April 13 by a research center at UCLA. The study is a groundbreaking attempt to gain insight into the spiritual lives and concerns of students and improve how faculties and administrators at US colleges and universities address this part of their students’ lives.

The study, named The Spiritual Life of College Students, was conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI), a research center of higher education in the United States. HERI is based in the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies (GSE&IS) at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

HERI also produces a widely-cited annual Survey of Entering Freshman through its Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) program.

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Planning A Small Business Phone System Installation In Plainfield In


The founders of small businesses often have to juggle and balance many different goals and priorities at the same time. Doing so successfully can be a great way of setting a young company up for further growth, and failing can easily prove to be costly. Many times, these decisions boil down to deciding how much to invest early on in order to allow for free, easier growth further down the road. Failing to allow for enough leeway can mean being forced into expensive emergency spending later on, while paying out too much will lead to scarce resources being squandered.

Thoughts of these kinds attend just about every decision made early on in the life of a small company. Phone System Installation in Plainfield IN, for example, frequently proves to be one of those areas where deciding just how much to invest can prove to be challenging. Fortunately, companies like ICS Networking are often able to help their clients arrive at the appropriate conclusions, ensuring that both the potential for future growth and the ability to save money in the present will be secured.

Phone system installation in Plainfield IN often boils down to factors, in practice, that make these lines especially clear. Many smaller companies today will buy or lease a PBX or similar device fairly early on, seeking to give themselves a long-term leg up by making that kind of investment. Once that piece of equipment has been acquired, though, the question of how to wire a place of business to make the best possible use of it will follow immediately thereafter.

There are good ways of resolving such impasses, and often of using the associated work to pursue other goals at the same time. In some cases, for instance, laying down new phone cabling will naturally open up opportunities for doing the same with networking wiring, allowing for a more cost-effective answer to needs of both kinds. At the same time, thinking about how any decisions that are made will affect the ability of a company to grow and expand in the future will always prove to be worthwhile. For those who succeed at answering such questions, many rewards typically await.

Ariel Sharon’s brain shows activity

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon remains in a coma after 10 days.

Medical experts on the outside say that Sharon’s failure to regain consciousness does not look well for his recovery.

On Wednesday, doctors began reducing the level of sedatives with the intent of drawing Sharon out of an induced coma. Hospital officials say that Sharon remains “lightly sedated”, but are not sure when he will wake up once they stop giving him the sedatives.

New reports say an EEG has shown that Sharon has activity on both sides of his brain and doctors say that’s the most “promising” signs they have had since they started to bring him out of the coma. Doctors also say that activity in both lobes doesn’t indicate anything about the extent of the brain damage. “It is another piece of information that on its own means nothing,” said Dr. Gal Ifergan, a neurologist at Soroka Medical Center in Beer Sheva, who is not treating Sharon.

Although he has activity on both sides of his brain, Sharon could still have extensive brain damage, Ifergan said. He also said that it’s “very worrisome that he hasn’t woken from his coma”, yet.

There are 2 major types of stroke, and Sharon has had both. The first was a mild stroke Dec. 18 caused by a blood clot that lodged in an artery in the brain, cutting off blood flow and causing minor damage. The second occurred just one day before he was scheduled to undergo surgery to repair a hole in his heart. This one was a severe cerebral hemorrhage

“After nine days he has had very slow progress and that indicates more permanent injury to a level where his quality of life is affected,” Dr. Demetrius Lopes, a Rush University Medical Center neurosurgeon said. “And then decisions will have to be made,” he added.

Sharon’s condition is still critical but stable.

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Somali pirates release Greek ship, 19 sailors

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

According to East African Seafarers’ Assistance Programme Kenyan chapter head, Andrew Mwangura, the Greek freighter MV Captain Stephanos and all its 19 crew, consisting of 17 Filipinos, one Chinese and a Ukrainian, had been released late Monday, after 78 days in captivity. It was unclear, however, if any ransom was paid. The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said that “there are [still] 91 Filipino seafarers on board six ships still with Somali pirates.”

Somali pirates seized the Bahamas-flagged vessel on September 21 near the Horn of Africa, as the bulk carrier, was cruising in the Gulf of Aden en route and transporting coal to Europe. The captors locked the crew inside the vessel and they were not fed well. The vessel is now headed to Italy and will sail from there to Greece, to meet the ship owners.

Reuters reported that “a surge in attacks at sea this year in the busy Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean off Somalia has pushed up insurance costs, brought the gangs tens of millions of dollars in ransoms, and prompted foreign warships to rush to the area.”

How should piracy be dealt with in the Gulf of Aden?
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Three Common Reasons For Seeking Couples Counseling

byAlma Abell

Couples from all walks of life have issues that can break their relationships apart. While famous athletes or entertainers may not have the same money-related issues as the average married couple, even they still face challenges. Here are the top three reasons to seek relationship help from a therapist.

Lack of Communication

YouTube Preview Image

The reason why most people end up in couples counseling with a spouse or partner is due to a lack of communication. Some people do not know how to express themselves or they are afraid to speak out because they may offend their partners. A therapist can teach a couple how to communicate openly without exacerbating their problems.

Intimacy Problems

Not every couple is on the same page when it comes to sex and that can break up a relationship. If you or your partner have a fear of intimacy due to past trauma or feelings of inadequacy, going to couples counseling can help reveal and deal with those issues. A therapist can give couples the tools they need to be more intimate and help form a deeper connection between them.

Make up or Break up?

If there have been problems in your relationship and you and your partner are considering ending the relationship, going to couples counseling can help you both decide what to do. If one partner still wants to work on the relationship but the other is adamant on ending it, the therapist can help them both express their feelings to try to come to an agreement on what to do. Whether your issues are the result of infidelity, an addiction, or growing apart, going to counseling may mend or end the relationship.

If you and your spouse need help with some issues in your relationship, contact Dr. Rebecca Roy, Ph.D., The Industry Therapist to get help with these or other relationship issues. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

Wheelchair rugby gets underway at London Paralympics

Thursday, September 6, 2012

London, England — Wheelchair rugby got underway yesterday at London’s Basketball Arena with four games being played: the United States versus Great Britain, Sweden versus Belgium, Australia versus Canada, and Japan versus France.

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Before a full house at a game that was the first one to sell out in the lead up to the start of the London Paralympics, the United States national wheelchair rugby team defeated Great Britain national wheelchair rugby team by a score of 56–44. While the game got off to a slow start for the United States, once the team found its rhythm, they dominated the home team and appeared to score at will. Despite this, the crowd supported their side, even when they were down by eight points. When the United States bench started a chant of U-S-A! U-S-A!, the crowd soon drowned them out with a chant of Team G-B! Team G-B!

The United States came to London as defending gold medalists and ranked first in the world. Coming into the game, the team’s assistant coach James Mate told the media regarding this game, “To be truthful we have played the home team a couple of times, but you have to play the game in that moment and it can give the hosts the edge. […] In Beijing, Great Britain gave us our best game, and the semifinal was a three-goal game. We had something similar in June (at the Canada Cup). […] They (Great Britain) play some like us and some like Canada, and are one of the teams that have a lot of good players, so we can’t focus on just one player, but on the team as a whole.”

Ranked sixth in the world, Great Britain came to London as the home town favorites. Their roster included club players from across the country including David Anthony who plays for the Cardiff Pirates, Andy Barrow, Bulbul Hussain and Steve Brown who play for the Kent Crusaders, Jonathan Coggan and Mandip Sehmi who play for the Stoke Mandeville Storm, Mike Kerr who plays for the North West Bulls, Myles Pearson who plays for the West Coast Crash, and the team’s only female player Kylie Grimes who plays for the London Wheelchair Rugby Club with teammate Ross Morrison.

Before the game, first time Paralympian Great Britain wheelchair rugby player Mike Kerr told the media regarding his squad selection, “I felt I’d never been given a chance to get noticed, so I got myself some court time at big tournaments like Knock and Roll in 2010 (a USA national tournament) and Bernd Best (the biggest wheelchair rugby tournament in the world, held in Germany). I played well and I think people finally took notice.” Regarding the wait to play, Kerr said, “It’s hard. I hate waiting around. I’m here to do a job and the sooner I get started the better. But it’s been a great experience so far. The crowd and support have been amazing. […] I’m really confident. We took confidence from how we played against them at the Canada Cup (in June). If we play our game we can shock them.”

The United States meets Japan while Great Britain meets France later today in their second games in pool play.

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In the second wheelchair rugby match of the London Paralympics, Sweden defeated Belgium by a score of 52–42.

Sweden, the current European champions, came to London with a relatively new coach, who only took over the side in late 2011. Belgium’s coach Bob Vanacker also plays on the team. He and Peter Genyn and Lars Mertens play their club wheelchair rugby in the United States.

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In the first game for both teams since the London Paralympics began, Australia national wheelchair rugby team defeated Canada by a score of 64–52. Australia and Canada both had their flag bearers from the opening ceremonies represented by this sport, Greg Smith for Australia and Garett Hickling for Canada.

Beijing silver medalists Australia came to London ranked second in the world. Their last major competition before the Paralympics was the Canada Cup, where they lost to the United States by a single point. The Australian side included flag-bearer Greg Smith at his fifth games, Nazim Erdem who is at his third Paralympics, Ryley Batt and Ryan Cott who competed at the 2004 and 2008 Games, Cameron Carr who competed at the Beijing Games, Chris Bond, Cody Meakin, Ben Newton, Andrew Harrison, Josh Hose and Jason Lees who made their Paralympic Games debut.

Canada came into their match against Australia as returning bronze medalists. Their roster included Ian Chan who was on the team that finished first at the 2002 World Championships, the former ice hockey player Jason Crone from Owen Sound, Ontario, debut Paralympian from Embrun, Ontario Oarice Dagenais, 2002 World Champion Jared Funk from Manitoba, five time Paralympian Garett Hickling, Trevor Hirschfield who is decribed by the Canadian Paralympic Committee as one of the world’s best low point players, Athens silver medalist and Beijing bronze medalists Fabien Lavoie, eighteen-year-old Zak Madell, University of Arizona alumnist Travis Murao, 2010 World Championships All Star Ten player Patrice Simard, former recreational hockey player David Willsie and Harrow, Ontario native Mike Whitehead.

Australia meets Sweden later today while Canada will take on Belgium.

In the last match of day yesterday, Japan defeated France 65–56. France qualified for the tournament despite the national team only being five years old. Japan came to London having beaten the top ranked United States in this year’s Canada Cup.

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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.Thursday, September 15, 2005

Enrollment dates for many schools have passed, and will be indicated next to the school’s entry under the by-state list. Update will take place in the next few days.Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.

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Wikinews interviews Spanish shooter Paulo Fontán

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This week, Wikinews interviewed Spanish Paralympic sport shooter Paulo Fontán Torreiro. Late last month, Galician Fontán competed at the Alicante hosted 2013 IPC European Shooting Championship, where he finished twenty-third in the R4 10-meter air rifle standing event, and fortieth in the R5 10-meter air rifle prone event.

((Wikinews)) : So you competed at the IPC European Shooting Championships last month? How did you do? Are you happy with the result? ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Compitió en el pasado Campeonato de Europa de Tiro? ¿Qué tal le fue? ¿Satisfecho por el resultado?

Paulo Fontán Torreiro: Yes, I competed in the European Championship in Alicante. It was my first important event and I felt very nervous, I wanted to perform well. Despite improving my previous scores and achieving the minimum qualifying score for next year’s World Championship, I think I could have done better. ((es))Spanish language: ?Si he competido en el cto de Europa de Alicante. Era mi primer campeonato de tanta importancia y me noté bastante nervioso, con ganas de hacerlo bien. Aunque he mejorado mis marcas anteriores y he conseguido las marcas mínimas para tener la posibilidad de participar en el campeonato del mundo del año que viene, si es cierto que considero que lo debí haber hecho algo mejor.

((WN)) : What do you think you need to improve to possibly compete at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and get a medal? ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Qué cree que necesita mejorar para poder competir en los Juegos Paralímpicos de Rio en 2016 y ganar una medalla?

Paulo Fontán: Basically I would need to be able to train more constantly, obtain financial resources to participate in international events, and have a bit of luck on the day of the competition. ((es))Spanish language: ?Fundamentalmente necesitaría poder entrenar con más constancia, conseguir recursos económicos para poder participar en competiciones internacionales y despues tener algo de suerte el día de la competición.

((WN)) : What are the biggest challenges you face on the road to the Rio Games? Money? Good competition? The support network to travel and compete at the highest level? Disability access at training venues? ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Cuáles son los mayores desafíos a los que se enfrenta en el camino a los Juegos de Rio? ¿Presupuesto? ¿Buenos rivales para aumentar su nivel? ¿Una red de apoyo para viajar y competir al máximo nivel? ¿Acceso para discapacitados en lugares de entrenamiento?

Paulo Fontán: All that are included in the questions. In order to train effectively, you need adequate facilities, and that’s not the norm here. And to increase my level, I would need to compete against good rivals, basically at international events. For that, I require money and support, something that’s not too available. ((es))Spanish language: ?Pues todos los que aparecen en las preguntas. Para entrenar con garantías hace falta contar con instalaciones adecuadas, y no es lo habitual. Y para mejorar mi nivel necesitaría competir con buenos rivales (basicamente en competiciones internacionales) y para ello hace falta dinero y apoyos, algo que escasea.

((WN)) : Why did you chose to compete in shooting? Why not compete in another sport? ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Por qué eligió competir en tiro? ¿Por qué no otro deporte?

Paulo Fontán: I first tried other sports but finally focused on shooting because it fits my capabilities better, I’m not bad at it, and there is a very agreeable atmosphere at the competitions. ((es))Spanish language: ?Probé primero otros deportes pero finalmente me he centrado en el tiro porque se ajusta mejor a mis capacidades, no se me da mal y he respirado un ambiente muy agradable en las competiciones.

((WN)) : Who are your role models in shooting? Are there any shooters you particularly admire? ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Quién es su modelo a seguir en tiro? ¿Existen tiradores/as a los que particularmente admire?

Paulo Fontán: I must thank the support Juan Saavedra has given me since I started, and which he keeps giving me when I need it. I would like to mention Marciano Vázquez, the Spanish national team coach, too for his advice and trust in me when he called me up for the European Championship: I hope to return his trust with some future triumph. ((es))Spanish language: ?Tengo que agradecer el apoyo que siempre me ha brindado Juan Saavedra desde que empecé, y que me sigue brindando cuando lo necesito. Citar también a Marciano Vázquez, seleccionador nacional de Tiro Olímpico, por sus consejos y por su confianza en mi persona a la hora de convocarme para el cto de Europa; espero poder devolverle la confianza con algún éxito futuro.

((WN)) : What is the sport shooting culture like in Spain? Are people generally supportive when you tell them what sport you compete in? ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Cómo es recibido este deporte culturalmente en España? ¿La gente le apoya cuando dice que es tirador?

Paulo Fontán: I don’t think it’s very well known, and there could be some rejection because of the “pegar tiros” part, but that’s out of ignorance since it is mainly a mental sport, a sport requiring focus. ((es))Spanish language: ?Creo que no es muy conocido y quizá pueda haber cierto rechazo por eso de “pegar tiros” pero es fruto del desconocimiento ya que fundamentaolmente es un deporte mental, de concentración.

((WN)) : Do you think the classification system in shooting is fair? Do you think it should be changed? ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Piensa que el sistema de clasificación en tiro es justo? ¿Piensa que se debería cambiar?

Paulo Fontán: I’ve only been doing this for three years and haven’t had time to analyze it deeply so as to have an opinion about it. ((es))Spanish language: ?Llevo sólo tres años y no he tenido tiempo de analizarlo en profundidad como para tener una opinión al respecto.

((WN)) : Would you recommend the sport to other people with disabilities? What are reasons they should or should not take up the sport? ((es))Spanish language: ?¿Recomendaría este deporte a otras personas con discapacidad? ¿Cuáles son las razones por las que deberían -o no deberían- practicar este deporte?

Paulo Fontán: Yes, I would recommend it, and I would because it is a sport which can be practiced by a wide array of different disabilities, and for a long time. The biggest problem is the high initial investment, the lack of adequate facilities or the cost of travelling to competitions since there are not many places that allow people with disabilities to participate. ((es))Spanish language: ?Si lo recomendaría, y lo recomiendo porque es un deporte que se pude practicas por una gran diversidad de discapacidades diferentes, y durante mucho tiempo. El mayor problema es la elevada inversión inical, la ausencia de infraestructuras adecuadas o el coste de los desplazamientos a las competiciones (ya que no hay muchas en las que permitan participar a personas con discapacidad).
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