Are You Interested In Becoming A Dentist?

By Wakeman Buage

Dentistry is one of the most respected professions in the world. Dentists are primary health care service providers. In order to become a Dentist, you have to undergo several years of intensive education and training.

To become a Dentist, you have to attend a special school dedicated to training Dentists. However, you can only enroll after the completion of the BA degree. Dentistry school takes about 2 or 3 years to complete. Once you have successfully completed the education and training, you have to be issued with a license in the state, in which you want to practice by the local health department. Because Dentists work in the medical field, it is a highly regulated profession due to its impact on people’s health.

The basic Dentistry training enables you to be a general practitioner Dentist. But, many people continue their education and training, in order to specialize in particular disciplines within Dentistry. These disciplines focus on particular areas of Dentistry, and specialized Dentists are more skilled than general practitioners. In fact, general practitioners will refer patients to the specialized Dentists, when the need arises.

Some of the areas of specialization include:

Paediatric Dentist:


These Dentists are trained to treat infants, toddlers, children and teenagers. Their education syllabus includes child psychology. This is because, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the mental, emotional and psychology of children and not just on their dental and oral health care. This is an excellent career path for people who want to work with children.

Sedation Dentist:

These Dentists are tasked with assisting people, who have phobias of visiting the Dentist, or people who are not able to receive anaesthesia for whatever reason. They use different drugs to sedate the people. This is done in several ways including giving the medications to ingest orally, or using gases to inhale, or pills to insert through the rectum, as well as IV’s.


These Dentists use different devices to place pressure on the teeth in order to straighten and align them. Some of these devices include the traditional metal braces and the newer Invisalign. Orthodontists are one of the more popular types of Dentists, because many people with crooked teeth want to have them straightened.

Oral Pathologists:

These Dentists specialize in oral infections and diseases. Many of these Dentists focus their work on doing research into better understanding oral conditions and how best to treat them. This is an excellent option for people, who enjoy learning and problem solving, and are not too keen on interacting with many different people on a daily basis.

Cosmetic Dentists:

Cosmetic Dentists provide people with a number of different treatments, aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance of their teeth. They are most popular Dentists and they do not actually treat any dental or oral health issues.

Dentistry is an excellent career path to choose, because there are so many different areas in which one can focus. The different specialties cater to people with different interests and strengths. But, if you want to be a successful Dentist, you should have a passion for learning. This is because like Medicine, there are always new treatments, technologies, knowledge that is added to the profession.

It is also an excellent career choice, because people will always be in need of Dentists and it will never become a redundant profession. In fact, statistics have shown that employment of Dentists will continue to grow for the next couple of years, so this is an excellent time to qualify. Also, Dentists can become comfortably self-employed. The average income of a successfully self-employed Dentist in the United States is just below $150, 000 per annam.

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