Moscow Or St Petersburg? What City To Choose For Your Summer Trip 2017?}

Moscow or St Petersburg? What City to Choose for Your Summer Trip 2017?


Alex Price

Moscow and St. Petersburg are the two capital cities of Russia. Both are leading population centers where plenty of interesting and exciting events will be held during the summer of 2017!

Lets start with Moscow.

Marilyn Manson concert (July 31)

Manson is working on a new album, SAY10, which will be released in mid-February; maybe he will sing some of the songs this summer.

Nobody familiar with his work remains indifferent to this artist: his awesome image is either condemned or copied. By the way, in 2014 the musicians concert was thwarted by Orthodox activists, but the singer did not despair and vowed to return to Russia. And now hes keeping his promise! Besides the haters, Marilyn has millions of fans: his albums have sold like hot cakes; he is called the glam-rock patriarch of the century.

Moscows City Day (September 9)

In 2017, Moscow celebrates its 870th anniversary, and the program is full of interesting events. Spectacular military parades and musical marches, historical performances and reenactments, technology exhibitions, thematic film showings, and concerts of popular artists will be held on that day.

The central event is traditionally the solemn opening of City Day on Red Square. Other official events will take place on Pushkinskaya and Manezhnaya Streets and at Manege Square. Concerts and musical performances will be held on Lubyanka Square and the Patriarchs. And after the sun sets, the sky will of course be illuminated by a colorful salute in honor of Moscows birthday!

Max Airshow (August 15)

At the end of the summer, the main event in the world of aircraft the International Aviation and Space Show will begin. Here you will see a presentation of experimental flying installations, the newest models of flying machines and combat complexes!

You will also be entertained by aircraft demonstration flights. Russian Knights and Swifts will show you an extraordinary class of pilotage!

Imagine Dragons Concert (July 17)

These guys appeared on the world music stage quite recently, but they have already managed to win a prestigious Grammy and Best Record of the Year award, to get nominated for Best Rock Video by MTV Video Music Awards, and to travel all over America and Europe.

The musicians from Las Vegas decided to erase all boundaries between rock and pop music and nullify differences between genres. Dragons can ignite a hall like no one else, working it in many different ways from a multi-voiced choir to a dubstep.

The Monster Cup (July 22)

For the first time in Russia, there will be extreme competitions in various disciplines: monster trail, moto-freestyle (FMX), buggies, BMX, MTB, extreme scooter and the strongest athletes in the country will be participating in them! The Monster Cup is a new milestone for Russia in the world of extreme sports

During the day, the monster showroom will be open where you can view these humongous vehicles, touch them, get inside, and take pictures with all the athletes! And for the bravest guests there will be an opportunity to ride in the passenger seat of a drift-taxi, as well as in the body of the only 8-passenger monster truck in Europe!

Whew! Take a breath now, and immerse yourself into the cultural life of St. Petersburg calm and contemplative. And the first event is

Exhibition about the communal apartment (July)

How would you react to the fact that a decision had been made to compact your personal apartment? That means, if you live in 2-room apartment, your second room will become home for people who have no place to live. Today this situation seems absurd, but only for those who are not acquainted with the Soviet phenomenon of communal apartments.

Petersburg Harley Days (August 3-6)

Harley-Davidson is not just a brand. It is a source of positive emotions and inspiration, personal doping, a lifestyle and a way of creative self-expression. The next International MotoFestival (already the sixth in a row!) will be held in St. Petersburg August 3-6.

Traditionally, the program is impressive: test rides of new-model motorcycles, a music show, a fair, stunt riding doing tricks on a motorcycle. Every year the elements become more interesting and hard to do.

We are just wondering what you will choose the Marilyn Manson concert or a cultural exhibition?

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Another option when you are not feeling well is to call and try to get an appointment with your regular physician and hopefully get in and get seen. Many times, however, your doctor is not available when you need to be seen. He may have the day or week off because doctors deserve vacations, too. Or perhaps he just does not have any openings in his schedule. Sometimes your doctor’s office may try to squeeze you in, but sometimes there is just not room even for that or you would rather not wait until you can be seen. If that is the case you can probably see another doctor who works with yours, but you may not like that option either. In that case, going to see the urgent care in Queens doctor might be the best option. They will usually just let you come at any time and typically you will have waiting periods much shorter than at a hospital emergency room.

And of course the main reason that going to urgent care in Queens is a good option is much lower cost than going to the emergency room. Not only will you likely have a lower co-pay than if you were go to an emergency room, but the entire visit is going to be less so if you pay a percentage of any costs there, you are definitely saving money by going to urgent care in Queens.

There are many times where going to urgent care in Queens is really the best option for you or your family member. You will typically save money and get faster treatment, if you choose to go to a clinic for urgent care in Queens rather than into the emergency room.

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