Effective Natural Gout Remedies

Effective Natural Gout Remedies


Meredith Walker

Gout is a form of arthritis that is caused by high levels of uric acid in the blood. Because of the concentration of uric acid, this enables uric acid crystals to form. These crystals end up lodged in the joints, which causes inflammation and pain – the characteristics of attacks of gouty arthritis.

Treatment of gout is two fold: first, the immediate attack of arthritis has to be dealt with. This is achieved using a selection of approaches to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. When the present attack of arthritis is dealt with, treatment continues with solutions to lower the amounts of uric acid in the blood so as to prevent the formation of uric acid crystals, and prevent future attacks of gouty arthritis.

A number of effective gout remedies are offered to treat the attacks of gouty arthritis. These are a few of the more generally used, and easily implemented natural remedies for gout:


1. Ice – using a cold compress may help in easing the pain brought about by this disease. This can be achieved by putting ice cubes in a plastic bag or towel, then applying this to the affected area. This can bring about quick but temporary relief of the pain and inflammation.

2. Hot water – if a cold compress does not work, a hot or warm compress may relieve the tenderness and pain. A clean washcloth submerged or soaked in a bowl of hot or warm water may be applied directly to the affected region to provide relief.

3. Vinegar – this another natural remedy for gout, often included in many folk remedies as well. Combine enough vinegar in a bowl of hot, or cold water, then apply a compress to the affected area using this mixture.

4. Epsom salt – this salt is proven to relieve pain as it contains magnesium that can help in the circulation of blood in the body. It may also help relax an individual, lowering blood pressure and stress as well.

5. Exercise – doing some exercise might help bring back the mobility of the affected area. It may also help in the correct circulation of the blood. Regular moderate exercise is also advised in order to prevent future attacks of gouty arthritis.

Other gout remedies are also available in order to lower uric acid levels. Herbal remedies such as black cohosh could be effective for this, though just about any herbal tea can also be helpful. Those with gout should also take note of ways to change their diet and lifestyle in order to promote better health.

A final, fast and simple natural way to decrease the levels of uric acid is to drink a lot of water! This helps the body get rid of excess uric acid, and will also help lubricate the body’s joints.

Gout can be very difficult to live with, but with the use of proper

Gout Remedies

and discipline to change diet and lifetsyle, it is possible to overcome it. Learn more about the different gout remedies and how to use them effectively by checking out



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