Hypnosis Training Learn The 4 Stage Hypnosis Protocol}

Hypnosis Training Learn The 4 Stage Hypnosis Protocol


Cliff Mee –

hypnosis is a widely acknowledged process that can change the lives of many, by using hypnosis you can change your ways of life to be happier, healthier and more personally satisfying.

Hypnosis is created when a person is so intensely focused that it creates a freedom within the unconscious mind to act beyond the normal restrictions of what the conscious mind deems possible, real and proper

Hypnosis training is best started by learning about the past and present of hypnosis itself. The history of hypnosis reaches centuries back; it wasnt until the 1880s that hypnosis advanced from the Dark Ages and into a more scientific realm.

It was then that a Scottish neurosurgeon by the name of James Braid came up with the term hypnotism. Not only is James Braid responsible for coining the term hypnotism he is also responsible for the study that proved that hypnotism was not a product of magnetic fluids flowing through our bodies.

Braid spent time studying Animal Magnetism and Mesmerism and concluded from those studies that hypnosis could be induced by anyone as long as they followed a certain set of simple rules.

As Braid experimented and studied hypnosis he coined the term hypnosis for reasons that the subjects undergoing it looked to be sleepy. After further study he found that one could be hypnotized and still be wide awake, at this time he attempted to change the term hypnotism to monoidealism; mono- meaning one, and idealism for the focus on a particular idea.


This term made better sense as the act of hypnosis is created by complete focus on one idea to the extent that it eventually becomes a reality for the subject. The term monoidealism did not take and hence today hypnosis is still known as hypnosis.

As James Braid has shown us through history there are rules to follow and steps to take to induce a person into a hypnotic state. These steps are known today as the 4 Stage Formula. The 4 Stage Formula begins with Stage 1, to Absorb Attention. Absorbing attention is simply to capture the focus of your subject.

This requires intense concentration and the ability to draw your subject into you and to keep them following your lead with suggestions and language, after you have accomplished this you can move on to the second stage.

The second stage of the 4 Stage Formula is to Bypass the Critical Factor. Critical factor is known in hypnosis as the reasoning of the conscious mind that says, this is not possible.

Resistance to hypnotic trance is created when the critical factor stands between your subject and their hypnotic state. This must be bypassed in order for your subject to respond to you on an unconscious level.

Once you have bypassed the critical factor, which you will learn as we move through different articles, you will be able to present hypnotic suggestions in the form of advice. As long as no critical factor is standing in the way the suggestions will resonate with your subject and the advice will come out through the conscious mind and take effect.

After you have bypassed all critical factors stage 3 of the 4 Stages is to Activate an Unconscious Response. Activating unconscious responses is your sign that you have successfully led your subject into a hypnotic state.

Any unconscious response is a positive sign for you as a hypnotist, as well as for your client, because you are doing your job. Unconscious response can vary; a good example of an unconscious response is an emotional response.

Emotional responses are derived from an unconscious level, you have no choice in your emotions they are simply a product of your unconscious reacting to and implementing the thinking and understandings you posses.

Make sure to note that if you are dealing with a subject that is in a heightened state of emotion, say a breakup or recent loss, the subject is already in their own hypnotic process.

You as the hypnotist will have no control over a person in hypnotic process of which you are not the authority. They will not listen to you or attempt to follow your suggestions, they are immune to your reasoning and need time to emerge from the state they are in before you can induce a hypnotic state of which you are in control of.

You must be able to access and retrieve a response from the unconscious before you can begin working toward any desired outcome. This brings us to the fourth and final step in the 4 Stages; the fourth stage is to Lead Unconscious to Desired Outcome.

This step is simple to explain really it is as it sounds. Once you have your subject in a hypnotic state and have accomplished the three previous stages you will lead your subject through their unconscious by way of suggestions to obtain your desired outcome. When you successfully combine all four of the 4 Stage Formula you will be engaging with your subject in a conversational hypnotic interaction.

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Hypnosis Training Learn The 4 Stage Hypnosis Protocol }

Ex Files: Is It Ok To Date A Friends Ex?

By Brie Crites

Well, you two didnt make it. You dated for six months and she really was a nice girl, but she just wasnt The One.

So, she never met your mom or came to a family gathering. Instead, she was the girl you took to the club and brought around the homies to kick it.

You two were smooth sailing until you realized that you werent who she needed. She wanted to settle down, get married, and start a family. And you werent ready for all of that. So, the breakup was inevitable.

You went your way and she went hers. It was over. And, you were cool with that.

Until several months later when one of your best friends came to you with a serious face and in a mellow voice told you that he was seeing her. Not just any her. Her- the one you broke up with a few months ago. How do you react?

As a friend, there are silent yet understood rules. Whether big or small, there are invisible laws governing the relations of a friendship.


For example, a friend should always be honest, trustworthy, and easy to get along with. Thats a given.

But, there are other rules like: a friend should never let another friend go around with food on his/her face.

Or a friend always helps you move on after a break up. But what happens if that friend becomes interested in one of your exes? Is he or she acting outside of the role of friend or is he or she just acting within human nature?

Dating a friends ex can be an extremely perplexing situation. Its the idea of bros before h***.

While the woman may not be a h**, its the concept of putting your friends before any female.

Oftentimes, a person feels obligated to an ex even after a break up.

Regardless of their split, a once-couple (especially after long-term relationships) may feel a sense of proprietorship to the other person. This is due to the amount of energy, time, and even money invested in the other person and the relationship.

So, when a friend becomes interested in another friends ex, problems may arise because of the underlying feeling that a possession (unwanted or wanted) is being pocketed.

When asked about how she felt when a friend of hers started dating her ex, one young lady explained how hurt she was:

I couldnt understand why she had to date him. There are other guys out there. Why would she choose someone that her best friend had been in love with?

The young lady, 28, feels like she has been betrayed by her (now) ex-best friend. Its like she sat back and watched her house get robbed. Like her car was being jacked. Like her feelings were being disregarded by both her friend and her ex.

But, what if you become interested in a person that your friend dated shortly or carelessly? Your friend may have treated this woman like a dirty dishrag. But when you look at her, you see a queen waiting on her king.

Do you ask if its OK to date her or just go for the green since your friend didnt really seem to care about her?

A gentleman, 29, stated, You have to ask if its OK to date a friends ex. Sometimes its cool to date your guys ex if she was only a fling for him. But, then if you and her get serious, your friend may get jealous because you made something with her that he couldnt.

Overall, the general public seems to think that dating a friends ex is not a good idea if you want the friendship to last.

Its too difficult of a situation to feel out because you have no idea how your friend will react to the relationship regardless if he or she OK’d it or not. Certain feelings of jealously and discomfort may arise out of nowhere.

So the bottom line is: There are many fish in the sea. Try fishing for your own before you grab one out of someone elses bucket especially if the bucket belongs to your friend.

About the Author: Brie Crites is a writer for

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Being Responsible For Your Actions

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Maria (reviewmom)

Next time somebody makes you angry, sad or just tics you off. Stop, and ask yourself why you are feeling that way. How has this person got the power to make you feel that way? Its simple, you have given them that power. Theres no point being angry at them, theres no point getting pissed off with how they are acting, theres no need to take their emotional baggage and make it your own, what you should be doing is taking a good hard look at yourself and asking why you are acting that way, why you are angry.


People are asses at the best of times, but its not your job to identify with their bad behavior. When you get angry with another person for what they say to you for example, this anger you feel will tell you more about yourself than the person you are angry with. Never let another persons negative behavior become your own, let them be an ass, and be aware of your own reactions. Take responsibility for your own reactions and not another persons actions. If someone cuts us off in traffic or skips the queue at our local cinema, we may feel the our blood pressure begin to rise, followed by the thoughts of giving that person the finger, or even worse, giving them a good dry slap across the face. We get uptight from other peoples actions and in the end we punish ourselves for their bad behavior. This is crazy, we lose control over our own actions because of the way they are acting. Never let another person ruin your day and never react to outside influences unless it has a direct or personal affect on you at the time. Unless its super serious, dont bring yourself down to their level. As I have said before, people are asses at the best of times and its not your job to get involved either through pointing out their assness (real word) or poisoning your own system by losing control of yourself and getting angry. A lot of the time we are so caught up in our own story (world) that we dont notice when others may be struggling with theirs. People hide their suffering a lot better than you think. We may scorn or criticize another person for their behavior and pass it off as them being rude, impolite or just discourteous. In cases like this we may react in a negative way without taking a step back and realizing that this person might be acting out to hide their own insecurities or pain. They may need compassion at the time when we feel they deserve it less. Either way, I think it is more appropriate way of looking at the situation because it is us that benefits from this mindset. So next time you come across someone who cuts you off in traffic or jumps in front of you in the post office, let it go and realize that your reaction is more important than telling an idiot that they are being just thatan idiot. If it is a person who is just plain rude or loud (you know the type) the same rule applies, either they are a moron or they are a lost little adult-child who deserves your pity more than your chastising. Remember, you are the one who loses in the end if you lose this lesson.

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