Hot Trends In Culinary Arts}

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Hot Trends in Culinary Arts


Erin Mike

There are many hot trends in culinary arts that are either emerging or fully emerged now that 2010 is more than halfway through. These are the trends popping up in the hottest restaurants and bistros, as well as in food magazines and cooking networks on television. The following hot trends have taken the culinary arts world by storm:

Parisian Macaroons Although theyre not technically new, you can find these pastel-colored French sandwich cookies in the hottest cafes and bakeries of the moment more so than ever before. They are made from ground almond meringue filled with a flavored butter cream or ganache filling. They are even made with savory ingredients sometimes, and some say they are the new rival to the cupcake.

Italian Street Food Roman street food such as stuffed pork is slow cooked over a wood fire and served in fat slices or in sandwiches. You dont just find it on the streets anymore, though. You can find street foods from Italy and elsewhere in some of the hottest restaurants and bistros of the moment.


Tonkatsu This is Japans answer to the German schnitzel, and its taking the American culinary world by storm. Tonkatsus are panko breaded and deep-fried cutlets of pork served on their own, on rice with Japanese curry sauce or in sandwiches.

Global Sandwiches Lets face it, people love sandwiches. There are many global sandwiches setting the American culinary world ablaze, such as Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches made from baguettes stuffed with cilantro, pickled carrots and daikon and meats such as BBQ pork. They can also be strictly vegetarian style.

Carrier Waffles There are more waffles on desert menus than ever before, not to mention the resurging popularity of the soul food classic Chicken and Waffles. You can even find waffles being used as bread for sandwiches, with the grids filled with everything from maple to rosemary.

These five hot trends in culinary arts are not the only new flavors and concepts igniting the gastronomic world. Many emerging trends are yet to be seen. This will give us much to look forward to in 2011 and beyond.

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