Increase Your Strength Training Knowledge With Fitness Books

Increase Your Strength Training Knowledge With Fitness Books


Larry Scott

In the 21st century people are aware of the importance of fitness and are curious to know more about it. Fitness books provide useful information like different types of exercises, health tips, benefits of particular type of exercises etc in a precise and compact manner. These books are usually written by experts who are well known in the fitness industry and are eager to share their knowledge with the rest of the world.

Here are some of our favorite fitness books:


Strength and Conditioning Secrets of The World s Greatest Fighters written by John Saylor is ideal for those who are associated with cardiovascular exercises. In addition it is ideal for those who are interested in improving their strength, speed and flexibility. John Saylor had gained reputation for being a world class judo expert. He was the member of a number of U.S. Judo teams and won a number of championships like National Collegiate Championship (1974), Pan American Judo Championship (1976, 1979). He took a great interest in learning new tactics and now he had revealed all the secrets that he had painfully accumulated over the years in this book.

Another fitness book that should find a place in your bookshelf is Science and Practice of Strength Training. This book provides necessary information for training athletes. Dr. Vladimir Zatsiorsky original author of the book has been joined by Dr. William Kraemer in the 2nd edition of Science and Practice of Strength Training. In this new edition Dr. William Kraemer has written three informative chapters that focus separately on athletes who have started out new, women and senior athletes. Both the authors have rich experiences of training over 1000 high profile athletes including Olympic champions, world champions as well as record holders and national champions. The unique fact about this fitness book is the authors not only take into account of North American point of view but also Eastern Europe perspective. They have applied all these experiences in various sections of the book.

Fitness experts always state that everybody must have a personalized exercise routine. This book, too, follows this principle and tries to show that a particular fitness program may not be suitable for everyone. In fact it says that as a person moves through different stages of life the fitness programs should also be modified accordingly.

Strength training programs can be pretty complicated; especially for a newcomer and this book makes an attempt to make the readers understand the basic concepts in a lucid and simple style. The authors have made it sure that all the information are current and updated so that the readers get a glimpse of the latest fitness trends. The examples that have been provided in the book will help the readers to understand the concepts more easily and effectively.

To promote better understanding, the book is divided into 3 sections. Part one concentrates on topics like athlete-specific strength, basics of strength training, task-specific strength etc. In part two the readers will get to know about fitness goals, intensity of training programs, importance of timing, how to prevent injury while exercising. In part 3, the reader will get to know about training programs that are meant for particular populations.

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