Selecting A Good Personalized Dog Collar

Selecting a Good Personalized Dog Collar


Dennis Canfield

A personalized dog collar tells several things about you as a dog owner. It also speaks volumes about your dog. Most people will simply pick up a collar at either the pet supply shop, or even the supermarket. After all, they aren\’t that hard to find and they all pretty much look the same. Some will be a bit more stylish, but they are still mass produced. And there are literally thousands of dogs wearing them.

But when you opt for a customized collar well, here s what a personalized dog collar says about you:

* Run of the mill collars are not good enough for your special friend

* Your pet\’s safety is important to you, and a tag is not enough assurance

* You recognize your dog has their own unique personality and allow it to shine


* Your furry friend is a valued companion whose appearance matters to you

Giving You Options

When you select a personalized collar, you will have several options to consider, such as the animal\’s name or your own name in case the dog gets lost somehow. This information can help you to recover your friend by letting whomever finds them know where they belong.

Personalized dog collars aren\’t only for the tiny breeds. Large breeds can have their own style, either fierce or playful, depending on their personality. How other people react to your dog when out walking can have a lot to do with the collar they are wearing. The spiked, heavily studded black leather collars show the world you have a fierce protector, unless this collar is on a tiny toy poodle of course. Ironic collars are becoming style trends themselves, with glitzy collars in pink or other pastels on a breed typically thought to be fierce.

The collar also creates a statement about your pooch. Here s what a

personalized dog collar

says about your dog:

* I have my own style to show the world

* I don\’t have to settle for what every other dog is wearing

* My owners care about me and my safety

Color choices are usually available when ordering a collar and two or more can be blended to create a unique look just for your pet. Monograms add a nice touch of elegance to what would otherwise be a plain collar, making your pet stand out from the rest.

Pick Your Pooch Out From the Crowd

When at the dog park, there can be several dogs of the same breed playing, and from a distance it can be difficult to tell which is which, especially when aggression rears its ugly head. This is one time when a customized dog collar will come in very handy, as you will be able to tell from a distance if your dog is involved. This can save a lot of headaches when it comes down to finding the aggressor in the group, since in many dog parks these animals can be banned or at least have to be kept on a leash at all times. You would not want your dog to be mistaken for the one causing problem and a custom collar is one point in your dog\’s favor when it comes to identity.

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