The Pros And Cons Of Zoning

byAlma Abell

There are many pros and cons that come hand-in-hand with zoning. If it is determined that a location can advantage from zoning, there are many things to consider. When most people think about zoning they tend to focus on the amount of effort that is put into these type of project. In order to make zoning a simple, effortless task on the part of the homeowner or business owner, individuals are encouraged to shop around and select a company that is able to provide professional services at a favorable cost. Appointments can be quickly set up, and contractors will be on the job site within a minimal amount of time.

Zoning is the process of assigning zones in an effort to control the physical development of the land. Areas that serve as residential, commercial, and even provide industrial activities are common plots of land that require zoning. This type of work needs to be performed by trained professionals, as there are a large number of steps that need to be taken in order to effectively zone an area. Once zoning is complete, there are an abundant amount of pros that can be experienced, some of which include:

  • Property value increases and is protected
  • Provides a method to implement community goals
  • Effectively conserves existing neighborhoods
  • Help prevent incompatible lands from commingling
  • Allows a more effective lot arrangement
  • Existing structures will be preserved
  • Adequate light, privacy, and air will always be made available to homes through zoning

As with anything, there are also some cons that should be taken into consideration as well. It is important to note that although zoning does produce some negative effects the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Some disadvantages of zoning include:

  • Property owners may be required to relinquish some of their current freedoms they have with their land
  • In some cases, zoning has been known to discourage development in specific areas
  • May require a long-term commitment that would include a clause that involved spending a certain amount on community spending

When new construction is a project that an individual or company wishes to tackle, they are encouraged to speak with a representative to discuss the process of zoning services. Zoning provides so many benefits; it’s no wonder so many people are beginning to take advantage of it.

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