What Do People Actually Mean When They Ask For Discount Flooring In Charlotte Nc?

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byAlma Abell

Obviously, they are looking for an opportunity to purchase some flooring at a lower price than it is normally sold at. But, from here on in, the language gets confusing and will mean different things to different people. If one outlet sells flooring at a price lower than another outlet is asking for that same flooring, is that a discount? However, when a flooring store offers a special sale and reduces prices from a level that has been previously displayed, that is a genuine discount.

No doubt the people looking for Discount Flooring In Charlotte have their own ideas about what they want the discounted price to be but, what do they really mean by “flooring”? “Floor” is a pretty clear cut word when it comes to knowing what it refers to. A floor is usually the bottom part of something – usually in the context of a structure. When we enter the structure, we stand on the floor.

Linguistically, I guess that “flooring” should mean the material which forms a base or floor. But, are we referring to the underlying structure which can be rock, soil or cement? If so, to speak about Discount Flooring In Charlotte doesn’t make a lot of sense.


This is a more specific way of naming the interior base of a structure which allows us to be clear when we name anything that is placed directly onto and over the subfloor as “flooring”. However, it doesn’t quite stop there. While flooring could be what we stand on and place things (like furniture) on; it does not always present the visual or tactile surface we require. In such a case, we will place another layer of covering on top of the flooring. These are often referred to as floor coverings.

Things like carpets, area rugs, and linoleum or vinyl tiles are commonly called floor coverings whereas wood, stone or ceramic tiles are more often known as floorings. So, when we ask for our Discount Flooring In Charlotte, we need to be sure that both we and the people we are asking are all on the same wavelength as to what is actually required.

Floor Coverings

Since most basic floors and floorings are durable and long lasting, they are usually only purchased at the time of construction or during major renovation work. In both cases, buyers will wish to pay a “good” price for the material(s) of their choice but are less likely to frantically search for additional discounts.

Floor coverings have a reasonable life span but do succumb to “fair wear and tear”. My guess is that it is these that are in the minds of people looking for Discount Flooring In Charlotte.

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